WORLDCARD frequently asked questions

Welcome to Worldcard, the UK's fastest growing reward card scheme. With Worldcard you can collect points and save s on hundreds of exclusive promotions, special offers and freebies. Worldcard will give you instant cash as you spend.

Worldcard currently operates in the Birmingham area and hundreds of outlets accept the Worldcard smart card. Look out for the Worldcard sign in shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, leisure centres and other outlets. Save up your points or spend them as you go. Whatever you chose, Worldcard will guarantee extra money in your pocket.

What is Worldcard?
Worldcard is a points reward currency which you can use at many shops, clubs, bars restaurants and cinemas in Worldcard regions. .
Once you’ve got a card, keep it in your wallet and remember to use it at participating outlets. Collect points at participating outlets and once you’ve got enough points you can use them to buy cool things like drinks, videos, cinema tickets and fast food.

Where can I use the card?
Anywhere you see the Worldcard logo, from shops to restaurants, cinemas, bars and clubs. See your regional home page for details of the latest offers, or listen to your Worldcard Radio station for news of all the latest and most happening offers.

What do I get with my points?
Once you’ve collected enough points you can use them to buy all sorts of things from participating outlets including drinks, food, cinema tickets, videos & DVDs. Check out your regional homepage to find out exactly where.

Can I have more than one Worldcard?
Yes you can have more than one Worldcard, but to redeem any one item, all the points have to be on one card.

What if I lose my card, or it stops working?
If you lose your card, you can apply for another. Just write to us or email us at and we’ll send another card to you. Don’t forget we can’t re-instate the points on your lost card.
If your card stops working send it to us and we’ll send you another. If you’ve sent your old card in, your new card will carry the points form your old card.

How is the card dispatched to me?
You will receive your card together with useful information about current offers by post.
Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

What if I change my address?
Let us know if you change your address, we don’t want you to miss out on any of our great offers. Either mail us at or by post to:
92 Lots Road
SW10 0QD